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In the knowledgebase you find manuals and solutions for technical issues.

Is my VPS backed up?

Yes it is. We deliver a daily backup. Totally 7 backups are made (one week). So if you need a restore of your backup, you can send a request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will restore it for you.

I have a free VPS for one day. What happens if I don't pay within one day?

There are no obligations.

If you don't pay within one day, your VPS will be automatically suspended. You can still pay within 7 days. If not paid within 7 days, your VPS will be terminated.

How can I reboot my VPS?

You reboot your VPS through your VPS Control Panel. Here you can find how to access your control panel.

Do you have DirectAdmin or cPanel?

No. We actually working on a cheap alternative like zPanel or ISPConfig. Contact us if you are interested

Why do you use KVM as virtualization Platform?

We did a long research which platform will suit best. We looked at:

  • Performance. KVM is the platform with one of the highest performances
  • Ease of use. KVM is easy to use, so no difficult settings, like Xen.
  • Stability.
  • KVM is a stable system and delivers VPSes with guaranteed RAM and Disk space. That's we want to deliver to our clients
  • KVM will become one of the most popular VP in the world. We are anticipating on that.

How can I pay for my VPS?

  • Credit Card (Visa/Mastercard)
  • Paypal
  • 7-Eleven / Counter Service
  • Direct banking (most popular banks in Thailand)
  • Paysbuy
  • True Money

In which data center are you located?

We are located at Proen Internet. Proen Internet has one of the biggest data centers in the CAT Tower in Bangkok. The CAT tower is the location of Thai Internet Exchange (internet backbone). Proen Internet has a great knowledge of Data Centers and networking. They also have the highest bandwidth to the Thai internet (100Gb) So this is the best place to have our servers.

How are you guys connected to the internet?

We are directly connected to the 100Gb internet backbone of Thailand. Our servers (your VPS) are based in the CAT Tower (that is CAT IDC) at Proen Internet.

We have our dedicated 1Gb connection to the backbone.

Your competitor says that he is better.

We have 26 years of IT experience, and 8 years VPS experience. We already have eight years of Data Center experience over the world, so we know how to run a VPS business. It is always possible that our competitor is better, but that chance is very small.

How is it possible that you have the best value for money?

We have good connections with our hardware suppliers. The better price we get for our hardware, the better the price of your VPS.

What is a Ready-to-go VPS?

Ready-to-go is the name for TurnkeyLinux systems we deliver. These systems are 100% ready to go. Installed with firewall, control panel and your favourite (web) application. So you are able to build your own cloud!

Go to www.turnkeylinux.org for more information.

To see our list of available TurnkeyLinux systems, go to our ready-to-go page

I have a technical question. Where can I find my answer?

See the Knowledgebase for your answer

I have a Ready-to-go VPS How does it work?

See also the Knowledgebase

Is adult content allowed?

Adult content is prohibited by law in Thailand. So it's absolutely not allowed

Other content that is not allowed

  • Content thay may offend His Majesty The King of Thailand
  • Torrent traffic
  • Interational VPN / Proxy traffic (domestic within Thailand is allowed)
  • Illegal software and media
  • Adult content
  • gambling

In case we discover that your VPS contains one of these, your VPS will be immediately suspended. You will also not get a refund.
If you need the backup of your VPS, we will discuss with the Thai Authorities, before sending you the backup of your VPS.

Are there any restrictions regarding the content of my VPS?

Yes there are. As our servers are based in Thailand, we have to obey the Thai law. See also question above, and Rules and Policies.

You are located in Thailand. What about the international bandwidth?

Domestic (Thailand) we have 1Gb available. 

In Thailand international internet bandwidth was previously regulated by the Thai authorities. Now officialy it isn't anymore, but it still is. Previously international internet connection was controlled by CAT Telecom. Now all big ISP's have their own international internet connection. The problem is, is that the more international bandwidth an ISP has, the more fee they have to pay to the Thai authorities.

That makes international bandwidth in Thailand very expensive. VPS HiSpeed pays approx 4,000 baht per dedicated (not shared) international Mb per month.

So ALL ISP's VPS and webhosting providers in Thailand have very limited international bandwidth. So does VPS HiSpeed.

If you still want to have large international bandwidth in Thailand, we can arrange it for you for 4,000 baht per month per Mb.

Where can I use the international bandwidth for?

International bandwidth is very expensive in Thailand. Therefore the available international bandwidth is very limited. In this way we can keep the VPS price low.
International bandwidth usage is only meant for:

•    Visitors that want to access the VPS websites/web applications from abroad
•    Software updates for your VPS
•    Setting up your VPS (copying data from abroad, install new software, etc)

So what’s not allowed for international traffic:

•    Streaming data (for example video and audio)
•    Other continuous data transfers

If we notice that your VPS abuses the international bandwidth, then we will limit the total bandwidth of your VPS immediately. We will let you know that we have taken that action, so that you can disable the international bandwidth abuse on your VPS. After that, we will enable full bandwidth again.
If you need more dedicated international bandwidth, we can arrange that for your VPS. The price per Mb per month is THB.4000. 


Do you register domain names?

No. We have eight years of VPS experience, so we choose to deliver the product which we are the best in. Domain names are available worldwide, so you can easily get it everywhere else. If you already have domains, you can still redirect it to the VPS.

If we receive a lot of requests to handle domain names, then we are going to do that as well


        Linux Minecraft
-    ใช้ Mcmyadmin เปิด-ปิด   Server ผ่านเวปไซต์
-    ใช้ Filezilla ลงปลั๊กอิน/ไฟล์
-     มี Apps บนมือถือแล้ว

-     เซิร์ฟเวอร์เร็ว แรง 24 ชั่วโมง

     Windows Minecraft
- ใช้ Remote Desktop

    เปิด-ปิด Server
- ใช้ Filezilla ลง ปลั๊กอิน/ไฟล์
- ติดตั้งเกมส์ Minecraft ให้แล้ว
- เซิร์ฟเวอร์แรง ไม่แลค ลื่นตลอด



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